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It’s been a while I have posted something here and I feel guilty of not having done so. Life has been exciting these months that passed since. And I have been into exploring my passions. And one of my passions is food. Enjoying the food you eat is a divine process, especially when you do […]

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How healthy are you financially?

Is money the root of all evil or the love for money? Come, let’s find out
Off late, I have realised my need for good financial health. I have always been obsessed with a penchant to eat healthy food and enjoy what I eat. And I believe it has a tremendous impact on my energy levels now. So just a flashback on my school years or pre-teen years. I used to skip my breakfast as most people do. And I used to love binging at night on chocolates, muffins and what not. My food cravings were at their peak at night. And voila, it made me cringy and dull during the day. And then I happened to bang into some health article by chance, which normally used to escape my glimpses. However, in a matter of time, I developed an interest in knowing more about healthy eating. And I started searching for articles on super foods, health tips and so on. And now, I am sure, my close friends know in depth about what I eat more than other stuff about me because it’s too obvious in my talks and deeds. Anyways, the interest grew more and now I am can proudly say that I am an evangelist for healthy eating.
Well, now that the prelude is over, let me quickly help you grab a bite of what I have in store for you.
I have been happily living in Mumbai, enjoying life in all its glory and wonder. And boom, I had to relocate to God’s own country for purely family reasons or you could say family pressure – from parents, who wanted their only daughter to be around them and see her settled down with a good guy, as if there are no good guys in Mumbai! Pheww.. So I came here, with a lot of reluctance and grabbed an offer from one of the best employers in the world – a Big Four firm in the buzzing city of Cochin. The city is nothing great as compared to Mumbai which is too obvious. So there was a big change in my life to be honest in terms of lifestyle, friends, commutation, and work and so on. I do miss my friends and the lovely life in Mumbai. However the big change was that I eventually ended up spending money on nothing. Instead of Mumbai locals, I started zooming around in Uber, paying 200 bucks every time I wanted to book a ride. I lost my smart phone and bought a new one, which I later realised, was suffering from bipolar disorder and tried to damage itself often. Not a moment too soon, my laptop crashed as well and died an untimely death. My wallet added a new member in its rack, a seemingly brazen credit card which I swore I would never ever get for myself. I indulged in a lot of snobbish per diems. And yes, I occasionally flew and spent money on accommodation, travel, food and friends. So over a course of time, instead of putting money into my piggy bank account, I ended up paying my credit card bills, which I thought out would cover just the emi bills for my newly own gadgets.
So towards the end of 2015, my only resolution was to save money at any cost. And here I am, budgeting my expenses way before I get my salary. Ironically I started this just a few days back. But I am counting every penny I spend and trying to save more. I wish I had done this long time back so that I could have invested my money in something worthwhile. So I am expecting myself to be financially healthy and reap my rewards in a few years.
I am sure you would love to give a try too. The way to start this, I would say is to start tracking all your expenses in a day, monitor it for the week, see where you are spending unnecessarily and identify which are the pot holes from where your money used to drain earlier. Track this weekly data and take a close look at your monthly expenses. I am sure those who have never done this before, like me, would be so much amazed by the statistics. And it’s not that tedious to note down your expenses in a notepad, in your mobile device, iPad or may be a sticky note would be just enough. But consistency is the key. So just do it. I would suggest making a budget plan before you plan all this. Write down your in- hand salary and first make a goal plan to save a certain amount. And no sideways thinking just put that money or transfer that amount to your savings account and keep your hands off that debit card.
Next, plan your budget for the month with what is left. And believe me, if you really want to save money and is serious about the tracking thing, you will be amazed at the amount that is left after your expenses, provided your mind controls your wishes and desires. So when you feel like going to a fancy restaurant and chill out with friends after a movie, why not think of inviting them over to your house for a pot luck party and chill cosily on your couch together and have fun at home. You can make it interesting and hands on by asking them to bring whatever they love to eat. This is an example of substituting an outing after a movie with a fun-at-home-get-together with close friends.
You can think of more innovative ideas to make your savings plan work without leaving yourself at the mercy of boredom or monotony. Think of being at home and enjoy doing Sudoku sipping a cappuccino rather than window shopping. Learn to bake a cake in your oven rather than buying it from Spencer’s. List down what you are good at and try to explore areas to work them on and make your hobby your second source of income. If you love writing, why not become a freelance writer. If you love to move and groove, why not start a dance class for the kiddos at your neighbourhood. You love plants? Why not start a roof top garden and decorate your room with organic stuff instead of stuffing them with soft toys. You can even cultivate seasonal plants and get fresh vegetables at home for your side dishes. Think of innovative stuff and creative ideas rather than sit and brood that you are trying to save money and think that it’s no fun. And dream of the bright days that will be welcoming you wherein your savings are going to pile up and you get to reach your dream goals way earlier than your peers. So my dream goal is to own a lovely house at my favourite place in India. What is yours? And yes, keep dreaming and working for it till you can touch it and feel it with your hands and with your own hard earned and hard saved money!

An Ode to 2018

In another few hours we are going to bid adieu to 2018. And I am thinking of going back to the months that passed by and appreciate the preciousness of this year. Most of the year ends, I sulk and get sad at why things didn’t happen according to what I had planned or imagined. But this time, I want to be rather thankful and so I guess I am going to spend some ample amount of time going back to the yesterdays of this year and make a note of them. Courtesy to my good old friend, my sweet diary that was with me all through this year. And I guess it’s worth an effort if everyone tries this. When our hearts are filled with gratitude, we tend to see the silver lining in the dark sky and it’s worth a sight to look at.

Recipe for a healthy wholesome breakfast

It’s been a while I have posted something here and I feel guilty of not having done so. Life has been exciting these months that passed since. And I have been into exploring my passions. And one of my passions is food. Enjoying the food you eat is a divine process, especially when you do some justice to your taste buds as well as to your whole body by eating healthy. So here I am sharing a recipe which recently dawned upon me. And it is named ‘Oats’ n’ sprouts puttu’. And just to give a bit of idea for those who have never heard of this dish named ‘puttu’ from which I got the idea for this customised breakfast recipe, please read below.

Puttu pronounced ‘puttu’,  is a breakfast dish eaten in Kerala, parts of Tamil Nadu, the Kanara region of Karnataka and Sri Lanka. ‘Puttu’ or ‘pittu’ is a word of Tamil origin which means “portioned”. It is made of steamed cylinders of ground rice or rice flour layered with coconut. It is highly popular in the Indian of Kerala as well as in many areas of Sri Lanka, where it is also known as pittu. Puttu is served with side dishes such as palm sugar or chick pea curry or banana. And here goes my version of Puttu here.

Recipe for oats and sprouts puttu


Rolled oats, sprouted beans/ legume, grated coconut, jaggery and one half of a ripe plantain (banana).

Method: Take half cup of rolled oats. Add grated coconut and grated jaggery as required and mix gently so that its just damp and not wet. Add water if the mixture is dry. Add sprouted beans to this and mix gently again. Cut the banana into small cubes and add to this mixture, ensuring that the banana cubes does not get mashed. Now take a puttu maker which you can easily get in the market. It is ideally a bowl shaped steel steamer, but I personally prefer using the nature friendly bamboo steamer. Now, gently put the above mixture in to the steamer and let it steam for seven to ten minutes. Remove from the stove and have it with a power packed omelette and a hot cup of steaming masala chai.

Health benefits: Rolled oats is a heart healthy wholesome grain rich in fiber content. It keeps you full for a few hours and checks your craving for junk food. Steamed sprouts is better than stir fried sprouts and gives you the added protein to kick start your day with vigor. Banana has all the required essential nutrients and minerals like potassium and manganese which makes for a healthy breakfast option. Jaggery adds sweetness to this dish and is a healthy and better alternate to sugar.

Recipe for the power packed omelette

One egg, chopped ginger and garlic, chopped onions, chopped tomato, one chopped green chili, chopped spinach leaves, parsley leaves, rosemary leaves, black pepper powder, salt to taste and olive oil.

Mix the above ingredients in a bowl and whisk gently till the egg yolk and egg white  is blended well into the ingredients. Add a little olive oil in a pan and pour the above mixture into the pan. Cook for 2-3 minutes on either side. Roll the omelette and serve it on a small platter and grate some cheese on it. As the cheese starts melting in the warmth of the omelette, you will soon feel the mouth watering effect of the dish upon your palette, while your hands long to reach for your innovative breakfast platter. But hold your breath until you brew your masala chai to make it all the more perfect.

Health benefits of the power packed omelette

Egg rich is a rich source of inexpensive high quality protein and the green leafy vegetables make a line of superfoods promising a variety of health benefits as they are rich in fiber content, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.  The same holds true for tomato and chili and they contain a bit more of Vitamin C. Ginger, garlic, black pepper and rosemary leaves add flavor and spice to your dish and are anti carcinogenic and anti inflammatory and has a variety of health benefits. Olive oil is a heart healthy oil and people from the Mediterranean, where olive oil is grown and consumed the most, have the lowest mortality rates in the world when it comes to cardiovascular diseases.

Making of the masala chai:  Add some ginger, cardamom and cinnamon if you like to your  normal brew of tea and you get a kick start to your day with a super health drink which is rich in anti oxidants and flavanoids plus the added richness and calcium content of milk added to it.

So this is how I start my day these days till my taste buds demand a different relish for a few days.

So how did you like my post. Like and comment if you liked the above version of my healthy breakfast. Thanks for reading. 🙂

The tender voice

                    We see the truth, we know the truth, and the truth is all around

It’s just that we close our eyes and we act as if we don’t know

Because we love to pursue what we feel is good

Sometimes the truth is soothing, but of times it’s rather hurting

The truth is not dear to the heart, but our soul does yearn for it still

Is it possible to make it endeared to our heart?

Yes, if we could listen to that still little voice

images (1)

That says ‘Go this way’ and shut our ears to the other voices

The more you choose to hearken to the voice within you

The less you stop hearing the voices that makes you confused

So just be willing and if you are willing to open your ears

You will find the voice of the truth endearing, delightful and beautifully appealing.



I have a fire in my spirit which was flamed by a tiny spark
Quite a times I have tried to suppress, its desire to burn
But I quench it often and hide it within
And oft it burned within and cried many cries
But I knew its strength is great and cannot contain itself
It’s so hard to keep it within and never let it see the light
But there are flames like these which need to be suppressed
And desires which need to let go of themselves
We may not see the light, we may not know the truth,
But there is an urge within and a voice that says ‘Go this way’
It’s hard to listen to it when that flame says ‘Go the other way’
But it’s true that in days to come, it’s all for good
It may pain now, to let the flame burn within
But it will stop its cry as you show that you care less
And sometimes it’s good to be evil to those evil flames.

B-e G-r-a-t-e-f-u-l

Have not we yearned for something and by the time we really get that thing we lose interest. Is this something that everyone faces or just you and me.  Yes, face it; we all are too ungrateful for the wonderful things that life bestows us with. You desire for something in your heart, but the moment you get it, the appeal is lost. I guess this feeling is just a result of not being grateful. Being thankful to yourself, to God, to others, to the things that happen in your life is something which we need to really cultivate. Be thankful for the breath you take in and take out. Be thankful for the time you spend with others, for the glances and expressions that others give you. Thank God for the lovely kiss the sun gives you as he wakes you up every dawn, for the soft breeze that caress your hair in the night and for the beautiful reflection that the water bodies throw back at you. Don’t you like it when people appreciate you and acknowledge you when you do something to them? And it’s so true that we take the ‘thank you’s’ so much for granted. Saying a thank you is nothing if you don’t really feel it from within. A kind look or a warm hug is much better than returning a help back by sending some expensive gifts and be grateful for the simple pleasures of life. This will cultivate in you the art and goodness of being grateful to others. Be grateful, always…And you will never have a reason to frown!